The Chatsworth Arts Centre, home of The Duchess Theatre is a multi-purpose arts venue situated in the heart of Long Eaton. Located between Nottingham and Derby, the Centre is Long Eaton’s premier live arts and entertainment venue. Comprising the tiered 180-seat Duchess Theatre, the multi-purpose Devonshire Suite and John Barker Studio, the Chatsworth Arts Centre is the focal point in providing facilities for the arts in Long Eaton throughout the year.

Since its original opening almost thirty years ago, our theatre has played host to a variety of local talents and audiences, despite devastating circumstances relating to its re-opening three years ago. Following the fire which destroyed the Centre in 2003, members, local businesses and friends have worked tirelessly to bring the Duchess Theatre back from the ashes and restore its former glory. Discover more about the history of the Duchess Theatre at Our History.

Dedicated to providing a wide variety of events and activities, our newly built Centre contains a flexible 180 seat auditorium with retractable seating, making the space incredibly functional and open to hosting a wider range of events.

Find out more about our theatre and our great facilities at Our Theatre.