Better facilities for our Musicians

Following the announcement in 2018 that an orchestra pit was proposed, much discussion and debate has taken place. After further consultations with sound engineers, architects and potential funding organizers, it became clear that the proposal created so many intrusive difficulties, that we have had to revise our thinking.

As a result, and as an alternative solution, the Cavendish suite has now been enlarged and fully refurbished, providing a more spacious area than the intended pit. To reduce the amount of sound escaping from the building, a consideration which we have to address in respect of our performing licence, the walls of the Cavendish have been clad with sound reduction plasterboards and the 2 skylights triple glazed. The refurbishment has allowed for a new lighting installation and better carpeting. A new video system and audio distribution arrangement provide up to date communication between this room and the technical area on the balcony.

This flexible alternative solution allows musical groups to choose whether the orchestra sits in the new facility with all its benefits or in front of the stage as previous.

The Cavendish Suite will continue to be used as a multipurpose room.

This work has been funded largely by Adoci’s donation from their production of Buddy.